BISMARCK – U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND) reacted to the impeachment of President Trump this evening, joining Shepard Smith on CNBC and Chris Berg on Point of View to discuss the violence last week, the House’s impeachment process, and the path forward in the Senate. Excerpts and links to the interviews are below.

CNBC with Shepard Smith

On whether he will vote to convict President Trump: 

“In this country you are afforded due process, I guess unless you’re Donald Trump. I don’t default to guilty. That would go against everything that the Constitution stands for, and certainly due process. Like Senator McConnell, I would like to hear the legal arguments.”

On whether President Trump incited violence:

“The President’s rhetoric – while reckless, while at some level he could be accused of inciting anger and inciting some bad behavior – it’s also clear that the exact words that he used do not rise to – in my mind anyways – a criminal level of incitement as we would have to consider – in my view, in this process – even as political as it is.”

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Point of View with Chris Berg

On the impeachment process in the House:

“I think every jury in America is pretty well instructed that you don’t default to guilt, and so it certainly would not be my leaning to do that. Furthermore, this president has just been impeached, as you know, on the House floor without any due process. … There were no hearings. That’s purely a political game that they were playing over in the House today.”

On the election results:

“All of the evidence in the world is that [Joe Biden] won a free and fair election. I supported, as you know, the President’s every legal maneuver that he could make and his right to do it, but now they have been turned back 63 times in court … I do believe that we should never repeat the COVID-19 election again. We should never have as loose of rules regulating a universal vote-by-mail, and we need to get rid of that stuff because it’s too easy to commit fraud and it’s too easy to commit legal fraud, in my view.” 

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