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WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND) joined Shannon Bream on Fox News at Night to discuss the impeachment trial in the Senate, specifically as it relates to President Joe Biden’s calls for unity and the implications of further normalizing the use of the impeachment process. Excerpts and links are below.

On President Biden:

“It’s so disappointing our current president, President Biden, won’t comment. Suddenly he’s got no opinion. Yet his speech at the inauguration and since has been about unity, unity, unity. The [House Managers] even tried to make the point that the only way to have unity is to have the impeachment trial, and you couldn’t be further from accurate than that.”

On Normalizing Impeachment:

“I think what this really is going to result in is every time the House of Representatives has a different party than the party in the White House, we’re going to see annual partisan impeachments. God help us if we go down that trail.”

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