WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND) joined John Roberts on Fox News today to discuss Democrats voting for witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial. Senate Democrats abandoned this idea later this afternoon. Excerpts and video are below. 

On Responding to Democrats’ Wanting Witnesses:

“They've unleashed a whirlwind and they now have – they being the House Democrats – who have surprised even their own leaders in the Senate, have to find a graceful way out of this. I can tell you there are a lot of people on our side who are ready to have this last for 10 months if it takes 10 more minutes.” 

On the Ramifications of Subpoenaing Witnesses:

“[Senate Republicans] have been having meetings with nominees for the Cabinet, we've had markup votes in committee, we've had committee hearings. All things that you're not, by Senate rules, obligated to do [during impeachment]. We've allowed that to keep the government functioning, even though we're in the minority. … Our cooperation is being flushed, if you ask me, by this action today. They've turned the United States Senate into a kangaroo court and there's a lot of upset people, including me.”

On Why Democrats Called Witnesses:

“We know why they got into it. … [yesterday] the Constitution was read and case law actually was read and put on the screen … and their base got upset so they did this. I imagine they'd like a graceful way out.”

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