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WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND) joined Charles Payne’s Fox Business show “Making Money” this afternoon to discuss Democrats’ new elections legislation, their tax-and-spend agenda, and their energy proposals. Excerpts and the full video are below.

On Democrats’ New Elections Legislation:
“Hell no [we do not want the federal government to be able to override states’ rights in election laws]. What does the federal government do better than states? Defend the shores for sure, but beyond that, no. And that is not the way our system is created. It is not the way it is developed. There are reasons the states are in charge of their own elections. States have been doing that pretty well.”

On Democrats’ Reckless Tax-and-Spend Agenda:
“I think Democrats are largely in disarray over this and a number of other things. Let’s face it, the titular head of their party Joe Biden is in a downward spiral. His handling of the Afghanistan situation is pathetic and tragic. I just don't think they have a lot of political capital left at the top.”

On Democrats’ Energy Proposals:
“The reality is nobody has done better at reducing emissions in the energy sector than the United States of America over the last couple of decades. The only way we're going to reduce emissions significantly is to continue to invest in the United States of America. 
“[Shutting down coal plants] will transfer our emission guilt to some other countries. It will make the grid less reliable, energy more expensive, and it will drive up the cost of everything. Energy costs are a regressive tax, plain and simple. We absolutely should learn our lesson. I had a discussion last week in my own state of North Dakota in Bismarck at the University of Mary with David Solomon from Goldman Sachs on this very issue, and I am going to have future discussions, we call them ‘The Bully Pulpit’, to talk about the balance of conservation in the environment and the economy and the fossil fuel industry in the United States of America and innovation is the place to invest. So we have to get everybody in the entire value chain on board with this discussion.”